Whistler -  X-Mas 2001
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Steve and I travelled to Whistler, on the west coast of Canada, for an awesome 2 weeks of fun in the snow over X-mas 2001 and New Year 2002.  We were joined by our lovely friends Dawn and Andrew.  

Here are a few snaps (quite a few actually) of our fantastic holiday.

We think this is the best one!

Steve & Ann at the top of the "7th Heaven Express" chair on Blackcomb.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to see the full size photo.

Christmas Day

SW DL AF Xmas morn.jpg (58056 bytes) AM xmas morn.jpg (34552 bytes) the boys xmas dinner.jpg (29274 bytes)
Steve, Dawn and Andrew - attacking the X-Mas stockings Andrew's mum made this great stocking

X-Mas dinner - Araxi

What's in the hot chocolate Andrew?

On the Slopes

AM on slopes.jpg (28713 bytes) SW on slopes.jpg (45010 bytes) AF & SW relax.jpg (71096 bytes) AF blackcomb gondola.jpg (99017 bytes) SW Aspens.jpg (43750 bytes)
Ann & Whistler view Steve & cheesy grin Steve & Andrew take a break while I catch up Andrew models the latest in uber chic ski wear Steve outside "The Aspens"


AM blackcomb gondola.jpg (46010 bytes) View of whistler.jpg (68227 bytes) Steve falls on slopes.jpg (33610 bytes) SW style.jpg (27253 bytes)
Ann outside "Chateau Whistler" Great view of Whistler Village from Blackcomb Mountain Get up Steve! That's better..


AM speed demon.jpg (55218 bytes) Captain Courageous.jpg (48730 bytes) 3 adventurers.jpg (67046 bytes) SW snowmobiling.jpg (50774 bytes)
Cool! Steve - "..to infinity and beyond.." Andrew, Dawn and Steve prepare for their quest What can I say?


ice rink construction.jpg (38381 bytes) ice rink complete.jpg (33499 bytes) Snowshoe lake.jpg (75771 bytes) Lost Lake park signs.jpg (59267 bytes) AM SW snowshoeing.jpg (73733 bytes)
Steve constructing the ice skating rink Phew..that's a job well done! Lake at snowshoe park Lost Lake snowshoe and X-Country skiing park Steve and Ann on snow-shoes

New Years Eve

AM SW New Years Eve.jpg (41930 bytes) AF DL New Years Eve.jpg (59382 bytes) AF DL New Years Eve2.jpg (43976 bytes)
Ann, Steve and some crazy hats Dawn and Andrew and more of the "party favours" Peace man..

All the Rest

SW & Jill Airport.jpg (28372 bytes) AF DL Aspens foyer.jpg (59190 bytes) SW dinner.jpg (75094 bytes) Whistler Village.jpg (60458 bytes) DL AF Limo.jpg (22613 bytes)
Jill congratulating Steve on his upgrade! Dawn and Andrew Home cooked dinner at "The Aspens" Whistler Village Dawn and Andrew - limo to Airport
SW & AM Limo.jpg (42748 bytes) Hoola dancer.jpg (33240 bytes)
Ann & Steve - same limo Typical Hawaiian photo